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Congratulations on Gospower Being Awarded Bao’an District Innovation Enterprise in 2020

Create Time:2020-08-27    Author: Shenzhen Gospell Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

As an excellent enterprise with outstanding performance in the areas including innovation research, Gospower was awarded Bao’an District Innovation Benchmarking Enterprise in Real Economy during the Award Ceremony for 2020 Bao’an District Innovation Benchmarking Enterprises in Real Economy held by Bao’an district government on the 2nd floor of Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, August 6, 2020.


More than ten years ago, Gospower was founded in Shenzhen. Driven by sci-tech innovation, Gospower has seen an annual growth rate of 30% in recent approximately ten years. The company also ranks among the top 100 Innovative Enterprises and top 100 enterprises for the value of output in Bao’an District for several consecutive years. 


Mr. Lin (the first gentleman on the right), Managing Director of Gospower


As a major manufacturing and industrial area, Bao’an District has been developed as a solid foundation for the real economy. Meanwhile, it has witnessed a remarkable industrial development backed by a number of pillar industries and excellent enterprises of real economy, which have played a leading role in boosting the confidence of the entity enterprises in taking root in Bao’an district and focusing on the enterprises development.